BB cream + mineral foundation + kabuki

BB cream + mineral foundation + kabuki

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Ideal makeup set which provides a full long-lasting covering.

The set includes moisturizing BB cream, foundation, and kabuki. This is an ideal makeup base for winter use for protecting your skin against cold. With these three products, you will get smooth and well-covering makeup that lasts the whole day. 

Eco Minerals BB cream Made with super nourishing plant-based ingredients these Beauty Base Creams will not only smooth out skin tone but assist in hydrating, healing and protecting your skin.  All Eco Minerals products are 100% clean and skin-friendly with SPF.


Choose the right tone for your skin and combine it with the right Eco Minerals foundation color: 

Belongil - Light

(Perfection Vanilla, Perfection Lightest Beige, Perfection Light Caramel, Perfection Beige) 

Wategos - Medium

(Flawless Porcelain, Flawless Light Tan, Flawless Sand, Flawless Olive, Flawless Mocha Magic)

Tallow - Medium 

(Perfection Light Caramel, Perfection Beige, Perfection Neutral Sand, Flawless Light Tan, Perfection True Tan, Perfection Olive)

Clarkes - Dark

(Flawless Mocha Magic)


Eco Minerals foundation:  long wearing mineral foundation are 100% pure, has SPF 25. and

Flawless foundations are formulated to give a matte finish on normal, oily, and combination skins. Helps reduce shine and easily builds to full coverage. 
If you love a fresh, dewy look or have dry or mature skin, try our flattering Perfection Foundation.

Please note a foundation and BB color name in the comment field!